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Meet Dani Oliva, the First Trans Executive at a Major Music Company

As Vice President of Legal and Business Affairs at Venice Music, Dani Oliva has become the first visible transgender person to serve as an executive at a major music company.

Queering the Underground: Sam Barbera on Women in Rock and New EP

Being a queer woman in the alternative scene isn't always easy, but Sam Barbera of Beginners is sharing how we can advocate for ourselves even "if the world is ending."

How to Be Queer in Country Music: The Story of Mya Byrne

When Byrne came out as trans, the piece of her that was anxious went away, and life went from "blurry to technicolor." Finally, she was able to fully develop her songwriting.

More Teens Get Breast Implants Than Trans Top Surgery

Despite a lack of data, anti-trans proponents often center narratives of regret to dissuade gender-affirming health care.

Breakfast Cereals Have Sexualities? This Viral TikTok Breaks It Down

A viral TikTok from teacher Jacob Ryan Carlew features a PowerPoint made by a student that delves into sexualities with the help of popular breakfast cereals.

Pulse Survivor & VP Harris Speak Out Against Hate-Fueled Violence

In her speech about hate crimes at the United We Stand Summit, Vice President Kamala Harris invited Pulse Nightclub shooting survivor Brandon Wolf to open.

Two-Thirds of Swing State Voters Support Marriage Equality

The findings come from the Human Rights Campaign as the Respect for Marriage Act awaits debate in the U.S. Senate.

Owner of Gun Used to Kill Queer Journalist Lyra McKee Jailed

The man was not convicted of any involvement in the young queer journalist's killing. 

Disney Drag Brunch Canceled After Targeted by Right-Wing Trolls

A Texas bar was forced to cancel its all-ages Disney-themed drag show after an influx of harassment from trolls online.

Ricky Martin Faces New Sex Abuse Complaint

The complaint was filed a day after Ricky Martin sued his nephew over his nephew's allegations of sex abuse and incest. 

Ricky Martin Files $20M Suit Against Nephew Over Incest Allegations

Martin's lawyers say that the star has lost millions in income since Sanchez's claims, which he later recanted.

California Could Become Refuge for Trans Youth Seeking Care

Lawmakers have sent Gov. Gavin Newsom a bill that would help young people from hostile states receive gender-affirming care in California.

Children's Hospital in D.C. Under Attack Over Gender-Affirming Care

It's the second time in recent weeks that the Libs of TikTok account has targeted a hospital that provides gender-affirming health care.

Peruvian Trans Activist Dies in Police Custody in Bali

Rodrigo Ventocilla's family says he was discriminated against, and the Harvard Kennedy School, where he was a student, has joined in calling for an investigation.

Poland's Trans Citizens Fear They'll Become Target of the Right

Acceptance of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people is actually rising in the conservative nation, with trans Poles remaining vulnerable.

Texas School District Adopts Antigay, Anti-Trans Policies

The policies restrict pronoun and restroom use and ban any mention of gender fluidity.