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Michael Huffington: The long-awaited Advocate interview

In his first Advocate interview, the ex-congressman--and Arianna's ex-husband--talks about his activism on behalf of bisexual visibility.

Keeping LGBT youth alive

The Trevor Project runs the only national 365-days-a-year hotline for LGBT youth--or any adolescent--who's considering suicide. Logging 1,000 calls a month at 866-4-U-TREVOR, the help line is a vital resource at the holidays and all year long.

Brokeback Mountain Not a gay movie

Though dubbed the "gay cowboy" movie, Brokeback Mountain is, at its core, simply a love story, one that could well appeal to straight women--but how about their hetero dates?

Bid now: Gay student for sale

Actually, 21-year-old Scott Simpson is not selling himself--he's selling the right to pay for his education. Price: $80,000. The eBay auction ends November 10.

Meet the new mayor

Mike Gin, the newly elected mayor of Redondo Beach, Calif., is openly gay and overcame a nasty antigay mailing campaign to win. He talked to about running a clean race and what voters really care about

Bloomberg goes both ways

Speaking at an HRC dinner, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg earned cheers and jeers for saying he personally supports same-sex marriage on the same day he said he'd appeal a pro-gay marriage court decision

Cumming on strong

Out actor Alan Cumming, who will be seen in Showtime's Reefer Madness in 2005 as his new cologne hits stores, shows his political side at a benefit for New York City's The New Festival