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Black Gay Men, We Must Treat Each Other Better

Comedian Sampson McCormick offers advice on practicing self-love and love of others.

When 'Butching Up' Is a Survival Mechanism

We saw a character on Insecure do it -- is "code-switching" practical or cowardly? Sampson McCormick shares his experience.

Moonlight's Success Gives This Black Gay Artist Hope

The only thing that separates queer people of color from everyone else is opportunity, writes comedian Sampson McCormick.

Attack of the Closeted Church Queens

"Ex-gay" pastor Donnie McClurkin nearly married a woman this summer. Sampson McCormick has thoughts on McClurkin and others men of the cloth like him.

When It Comes to Race, Watch Your Mouth

Sampson McCormick laments the clumsy and infuriating ways race is casually discussed in this year's election.

Comedy Continues to Be #SoStraight #SoWhite #SoMale

The lack of diversity in entertainment goes beyond TV and movies.

How I Conquered My Fear of God and Got an HIV Test

Comedian Sampson McCormick recounts how a sex-positive guardian angel helped him get through a crisis of faith about sexual encounters with other men.