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How Bullying Connects to Steroids

Bullying may be why gay and bisexual boys are using steroids at five times the rate of straight-identified boys.

Has Gay Congressman Outraced the Whisperers in Maine?

Maine gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud's well-timed coming out ahead of a mysterious whisper campaign instantly made him a national figure.

The Incoming Russian Roulette

The rapidly evolving equal rights crisis in Russia is prompting Olympic anxiety and may trigger an international civil rights crackdown -- or breakthrough.

Op-ed: Why Christine Quinn Didn't Win With LGBT Voters

Rather than being a rejection of an LGBT political candidate, it showed that we've moved beyond identity politics.

Rethinking AIDS Meds

The Next Condom Conundrum

Why use a rubber when you can just pop a pill? That's what HIV-negative guys across the country are asking themselves -- and their doctors.

A labor of love

Gay rights activists are finding common ground and forming surprising alliances with America's labor unions.

Back in action

After Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Peter Pace called homosexuality immoral, seven retired officers came out. Their new duty? Showing America how honorable gay service members are.