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Susan Surftone

Will we climb out of the abyss created by Donald Trump or fall deeper into it?

May 12 2020 8:49 PM

Trump fears the crisis will cost him reelection, so he's doing everything he can to deflect from his mismanagement, writes Susan SurfTone.

April 22 2020 4:05 PM

The huckster always sees crisis as opportunity, says former FBI agent Susan SurfTone.

March 26 2020 11:21 PM

The wannabe dictator's unspoken slogan: Doubt the Dems, doubt our institutions, doubt the truth; nothing matters so just vote for me.

February 13 2020 1:22 PM

Republicans stood against corrupt Nixon. An even greater presidential monster has emerged, but his party doesn't demur this time. We'll all pay the price.

January 14 2020 1:11 PM

The GOP is not concerned with the rule of law but with holding on to Trump's base and its Senate majority, writes Susan SurfTone.

November 14 2019 6:00 AM

Former FBI agent Susan SurfTone looks at the past week's news and sees the beginning of an end.

October 01 2019 7:37 PM