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LGBT youth

What It's Like to Be an LGBTQ+ High Schooler in DeSantis's Florida

I’m directly affected by the authoritarian policies of our ambitious and ruthless governor.

This Drag Queen and Teacher Passionately Defends Drag Story Hour

If you’re wondering why men would dress in drag and read to kids, look no further than this story of a Colorado drag queen and educator.

Michigan School Superintendent Apologizes for Removing Books From Schools

He says that he was trying to lower the temperature by removing books that some parents were upset about.

Biden Calls Political Attacks on Trans Youth 'Close to Sinful'

The president discussed his support for trans rights and marriage equality with Kal Penn on The Daily Show.

3 Queer High School Seniors on the Reality of 'Grooming'

The GOP would have many believe that students are inundated with sex and gender conversations daily when, in reality, most never hear about those topics in school.

A New Book Challenges Rhetoric of DeSantis, Taylor Greene, & Co.

Love’s varied forms are constantly under attack from conservatives, but Together counters the message that all families must look like a Norman Rockwell creation.

Missouri Leads Nation in Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation in 2023, Says ACLU

Cruelty toward queer and trans people is one of the features employed by GOP lawmakers and not a bug of their legislation.

Iowa GOPers Propose 'Don't Say Gay,' Anti-Trans Bills

One bans mention of sexual orientation or gender identity in the lower grades, while another would out trans students to their parents.

Idaho School Board Meeting Erupts in Chaos Over LGBTQ-Inclusive Policy

Several residents of Caldwell, Idaho, said the policy would go against God's laws, and a state senator threatened board members with litigation.

Drag Shows, Pronouns Targeted by Arizona Republicans

The state's legislative session is opening with a rash of anti-LGBTQ+ bills.

Judge Upholds West Virginia's Trans-Exclusionary Sports Law

The law is within the state's interest in providing athletic opportunities for girls and women, according to U.S. District Judge Joseph R. Goodwin.

Watching Porn Online in Louisiana Now Requires ID Verification

A conservative lawmaker said she had to author the legislation to protect young people.

Texas Lawmaker Introduces Worse Version of 'Don't Say Gay' Law

As if Florida's restriction on access to information about LGBTQ+ topics for public school students wasn't tight enough.

New Year, New Chance to Save Mississippi Trans Youth

State legislators are trying to distract from systemic problems by scapegoating children, parents, and doctors.

Ohio Rejects Transgender Sports Ban

The Ohio House nixed a new version of the bill after the Senate OK'd it, meaning it most likely won't pass this year.

Online Hate Fuels Attacks on Gender-Affirming Care Providers: Report

Anti-trans rhetoric from sources such as Libs of TikTok bears much of the responsibility, says the HRC Foundation report.

Republican Lawmakers Blame 'Both Sides' for Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence

On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers acted shocked that months of the GOP's anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric led to acts of violence against the same community.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler's Gay Nephew to His Aunt: You Have to Coexist

Andrew Hartzler calls out his aunt Vicky Hartzler, the anti-LGBTQ+ congresswoman who cried as she begged her colleagues to vote against marriage equality.

Utah Groups Hope to Bridge Religious and LGBTQ+ Communities

The Mormon Church recently voiced support for the Respect for Marriage Act, which would federally protect marriage equality. 

Texas Rights Groups File Legal Complaint Over Ban on LGBTQ+ Books

The challenged school district voted last week to ban mentions of gender fluid and trans people while considering putting guns in classrooms.