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Op-ed: Banning Books, Risking Lives

Public schools in Fauquier County, Va., will consider removing a gay-themed young adult novel, but do officials understand what is at stake if they pull the book?

Religion Is Our Friend

Being gay and religious are not not mutually exclusive, argues a young writer who should know.

No Class

Some gays and lesbians greeted the news of Jerry Falwell's death with guffaws and cheers.

It's just a word

Walking on a lonely D.C. street, our teenage diarist has an epiphany: Marriage doesn't matter.

Whats love got to do with it?

In the midst of the heated dialogue concerning same-sex marriage, our high school diarist dares to ask: Do love and marriage really go together as well as the old standard suggests?

I am not the enemy

A year fighting for equality has left our high school diarist with lousy grades and an e-mail box full of anger from bisexuals who misunderstood his last posting. Don't we have better ways to expend our energy?

Im no faggot Im bisexual

Returning for his last year in a Catholic high school, our diarist runs into a clique of students trumpeting their bisexuality. Are they for real?

The root of all evil

If only the wealthiest gays have any real say in the equality movement, what's a poor 17-year-old artist and activist to do?

Confirmed as a solitary Christian

Our high school diarist recalls his unceremonious ejection from his church just as he was ready for confirmation--excommunication without ritual. It shook his faith in the church, but not in God.

Our Martin Luther King Jr.

People who struggle for LGBT equality always want to know what civil rights leader will be the Martin Luther King Jr. for our cause. But the question contains its own answer.

Why do family groups destroy families?

With hundreds of millions of dollars to spend, right-wing so-called "family" groups ought to be helping LGBT youth instead of alienating them from their conservative parents.

Pride and patriotism

Pride month marks one year since our diarist launched his activist group in Virginia, and the opportunities activism has opened for him have made him proud to be an American.

Pride and patriotism - II

Pride month marks one year since our diarist launched his activist group in Virginia, and the opportunities activism has opened for him have made him proud to be an American.

In search of diversity

Our diarist participates in a panel at a Human Rights Campaign event and confronts the question: Is the LGBT community really as good at diversity as we assume it is?

Too much sex

Pride month is upon us, which means more images than ever of white, shirtless, ripped young men. This white young gay male has had quite enough.

Im out Arent I

What does it mean to be out? It's one thing to be interviewed by the local and national press as a publicly gay person. It's quite another to be face-to-face with one near stranger who makes the wrong assumptions about your life.

Spreading the word

Passing out fliers for his Virginia LGBT activist group at a local street festival, our teen diarist is met with rejection and outright hostility--but he does manage to get through to one individual.

The good Christian

A week of harsh encounters with intolerant Christians leaves our teen diarist disappointed, worried, and yet confident: If true Christianity is defined by love, then he remains a good Christian, whatever others might say.

Stereotypes at the Rite Aid

On the first summery day of the year, our teen diarist goes to buy a soda and finds a wealth of stereotypes washing over him. Is it something he wore?

Chance encounter in Va.

Our young activist diarist learns something from an unexpected encounter outside a Panera Bread eatery in Warrenton, Va.