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Black Ink

Still True: Black Men Loving Black Men Is a Revolutionary Act

Charles Stephens reflects on the books that showed him Black gay love is beautiful.

Stacey Abrams Showed LGBTQ People How to Fight

The spirit of Stacey buoys black gays in Georgia after the gubernatorial election was stolen from her. 

How Do We Convince Guys to Get on PrEP?

Messaging about HIV prevention is failing to reach gay and bi black men.

When Black Professionals Must Work Twice as Hard

Society remains glaringly unequal, which is why we must remember to take care of ourselves.

What Happens to Black Gay Activists After 40?

An activist ponders midlife and reflects on past and future struggles.

James Baldwin Helped Me Discover Love

I learned what it could mean for black men to love each other as friends, as brothers, and as lovers -- thanks to the iconic writer. 

The Long History of Objectifying Black Men

When does appreciation boil over into degradation?

Why Black Gay Filmmaker Marlon Riggs Matters Now

His work stands as inspiration for resistance to homophobia and racial hatred.