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Brian Brown

Brian Brown is the president of the National Organization for Marriage, a nonprofit organization that was created to advocate for the passing of Prop. 8 in California. Brian Brown, like his organization, opposes marriage equality as well as other LGBT rights issues, including adoption by same-sex couples and the ability of transgender individuals to access restrooms that correspond with their gender identity. Read more about the conservative activist, who once accepted Dan Savage's challenge to a 'dinner table debate' on gay rights issues.

After Photo Emerges, Alito, Kavanaugh Urged to Recuse From LGBTQ Cases

The call comes after the two Supreme Court justices were photographed with homophobic activist Brian Brown.

Right-Wingers Vow to Undo Marriage Equality at WCF

And the father of a certain presidential candidate said the LGBT movement's next goal is legalizing pedophilia.

WATCH: Kim Davis as Heroic as Abolitionists, Says Bryan Fischer

Yep, opposing marriage equality is just like opposing slavery. Or the Nazis, says the antigay commentator.

WATCH: Brian Brown's Bizarre Advice for Gay People

When Evan Wolfson challenges Brown on how he'd help those hurt by homophobia, Brown says he'd tell them 'the truth' about marriage.

NOM Praises Huckabee for Threat to Leave GOP Over Marriage Equality

Mike Huckabee is right to denounce party leaders for not taking a stronger stand against marriage equality, says NOM president Brian Brown.

9 Strangest Rants From NOM's Failed Marriage March

Opponents of marriage equality compared themselves to Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln, and emphasized how much women need men.

Santorum Joins NOM's March for (Straight) Marriage

NOM continues its march against the rising tide of marriage equality, with Rick Santorum joining a June event.

Maine Ethics Board Imposes Record Fine on NOM

NOM failed to register as a political action committee or disclose donors during its campaign to repeal Maine's marriage equality law, and now the group must pay a $50,250 fine.

Op-ed: What NOM's President Gets Right on Marriage Equality

The president of the National Organization for Marriage predicted that 2014 will be a major year in marriage equality, but he's probably not going to like the outcome.

NOM Leader: 'Same-Sex Marriage Bullies' Oppressing Christians

Right-wing roundup: Brian Brown says gays are the bullies, while Peter LaBarbera says children of same-sex couples learn 'perversion.'

NOM's New Attack on Trans Students: Nudity Trumps Sincerity

The antigay National Organization for Marriage focuses on the genitalia of transgender students in California in its latest fundraising pitch.

NOM Censures N.J. Gov. Christie for Dropping Marriage Equality Appeal

The conservative organization's president called the act a 'disqualifying failure' that will destroy Christie's higher ambitions in the GOP.

Op-ed: NOM's Brian Brown, the 'Bigocrite'

Brian Brown claims to be the victim, but he and his organization have bullied so many people in the past.