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Nothing Has Changed: The Dorchester Hotels Boycott Is Still in Place

The boycott has contributed to the sultan and his Brunei Investment Agency, the sovereign wealth fund of Brunei, losing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. 

Brunei Says It Will No Longer Stone Gays to Death

The Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah says new laws still have merit, but will not be enforced. 

University Revokes Degree for Brunei Sultan Following Gay Stoning Law

The University of Aberdeen in Scotland took back an honorary degree given to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

Trans Teenager Has Fled Brunei to Seek Refuge in Canada

Zoella Zayce says she didn't feel safe in her home nation due to its anti-LGBTQ laws and culture.

100 LGBTQ Groups, Leaders Urge White House to Condemn Brunei's New Law

Every major LGBTQ rights group was joined alongside prominent elected officials and religious leaders to denounce the Sultan's law allowing the stoning of queer people. 

Trump's Brunei Silence Exposes His Apathy Toward LGBTQ People

The president tweets about everything under the sun. But when it comes to barbaric laws attacking queer people, he's at a loss for words. 

Brunei Reminds Us of the Perils of LGBTQ Travel

Following Brunei's death penalty, misterb&b is adding 30,000 curated gay-friendly, non-discriminatory hotels to its platform. Here's why. 

Expedia, Trivago Slammed for Booking Sultan of Brunei's Hotels

Activists like Peter Tatchell and Dustin Lance Black say the travel booking companies are complicit in supporting antigay violence.

28 Photos of NYC Protesters Denouncing Brunei's Anti-LGBTQ Laws

Over the weekend, protesters took to the streets of New York City to let their anger towards Brunei's new anti-LGBTQ laws that have recently come under fire be known. 

LGBTQ Asian-American Org.: Brunei Stoning Law 'Vicious,' 'Abhorrent'

The National Queer Asian Pacific Alliance wants to know why the Sultan of Brunei passed the most dehumanizing antigay law in decades.

Lesbians Forced to Pay Cancellation Fees to Royal Brunei Airlines

Australia's largest retail travel outlet would not cover the cost.

Is Donald Trump's Silence on Brunei Due to Sordid Past?

Trump has yet to condemn brutal antigay laws greenlit by the Sultan of Brunei, who also owns The Beverly Hills Hotel -- a popular site for the president's sordid past.

Trump's Silence Is Deafening As Brunei's Brutal Anti-LGBTQ Laws Arrive

Today, new laws go into effect that require death by stoning if one is caught having any type of queer sex -- marking a brutal set-back for LGBTQ rights. 

Brunei's Antigay Laws Are Too Much Even for Ted Cruz

The notoriously homophobic senator has condemned Brunei's plan to punish gay sex with death by stoning.

Re-Boycott the Beverly Hills Hotel and Its Gay-Stoning Bruneian Owner

Sharia law goes into effect next week, mandating a grisly death for LGBTQ people and adulterers.

Cailtyn, Gus Kenworthy Roll With Sultan of Brunei's Son

The two LGBT Olympic medalists attended a party for the son of the sultan of Brunei, who implemented Sharia law in his island nation and calls for the death penalty for gays. Kenworthy later expressed regret.

College Won't Revoke Sultan of Brunei's Honorary Degree

King's College London has rejected an alum's call for the school to rescind the Sultan of Brunei's honorary doctoral law degree.

Lawmakers Urge U.S. to Stand Against Brunei's Antigay Penal Code

Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin has drafted a letter, supported by 20 House members, urging the United States to exclude Brunei from free trade talks until its human rights violations are addressed.

Op-ed: Who Do You Wear to a Stoning?

No, the Beverly Hills Hotel isn't the only big business owned by someone antigay, but one activist says that by condemning it, it could be the last.

PHOTOS: Stars Join Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott

The red carpet at the opening for Lisa Vanderpump's new WeHo lounge, Pump, was abuzz about another property currently in hot water -- The Beverly Hills Hotel, owned by the sultan of Brunei, who recently implemented Sharia law in his Asian nation.