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Coming Out

The Advocate covers everything you need to know about coming out, including the latest stories on public figures who come out as LGBT. The process of coming out varies for each person. Some lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people come out to friends and family at an early age, while others lead a more private life. Activists such as Harvey Milk advocated for all LGBT people to come out of the closet, in order to help increase visibility of the cause and sway the hearts and minds of the American public. For many, the process is difficult and ongoing throughout a lifetime.

Ruby, who plays for an Oregon minor league team, is also a country music songwriter.

September 02 2021 12:52 PM

The American Idol alum opens up about the spiritual journey that led him to come out.

September 02 2021 11:22 AM

Davies decried professional cycling's lack of support for LGBTQ+ riders.

August 23 2021 5:01 PM

“I know I can fall in love with people of all genders.”

August 17 2021 11:04 AM

The model turned eco-activist opened up about her sexuality in an interview promoting her new book.

August 16 2021 11:09 AM

“I completely believe in a fluid spectrum and as any part of my life, I might move on that spectrum up or down. It just depends on the time in my life.”

August 10 2021 2:28 PM

“I was definitely surprised by the big reaction. It was incredible. I thought nobody would care.”

August 09 2021 10:53 AM