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Curt Schilling

Transphobe Curt Schilling Considering Run for Congress

The far-right retired baseballer says he may run in one of the districts currently held by Democrats in Arizona.

Transphobe Curt Schilling Sorta Kinda Announces Run for Senate

Apparently, all that stands in the way of the former baseball pitcher and ESPN analyst challenging Sen. Elizabeth Warren in 2018... is his wife. 

Don't Get Discouraged — All the Hate Means We're Winning

The Southern freak-out over LGBT rights is reminiscent of past reactions to equality gains.

Curt Schilling and His Family Promise He's Not Transphobic

Schilling, his wife, and their 16-year-old son all spoke out in defense of the former Red Sox pitcher, after ESPN fired him for posting a transphobic meme.

Where's Curt Schilling's Apology for Hypocritical Harassment?

The former Red Sox pitcher and ESPN commentator should take his own advice about the harms of online harassment, says this communications professional. 

Ted Cruz Blasts ESPN for Curt Schilling's Firing, Supports HB2

The Republican candidate for president is now the only one running for the White House to endorse North Carolina's transphobic law. 

ESPN Fires Curt Schilling for Transphobic Post

Schilling got canned by the network just one day after Outsports reported the baseball analyst's hateful statements.

Should ESPN Fire Curt Schilling for This Facebook Post?

In addition to sharing the disturbingly hateful meme, the former major leaguer called transgender people and their allies "pathetic."