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Dallas Buyers Club

'Dallas Buyers Club' Director Jean-Marc Vallée Dead at 58

Dallas Buyers Club, which dealt with the early days of AIDS, drew both praise and criticism.

What People Don't Get About Dismay Over Jared Leto

The outcry against Rayon in Dallas Buyer's Club is less about Jared Leto playing a trans woman, and more about an industry where Rayon is the only trans woman allowed to exist.

Why Television Is Outpacing Film in Diversity

Wilson Cruz, Paris Barclay, Outfest Fusion's Taj Paxton, and Anjelica Huston weigh in on the growing divide between television and film in featuring LGBT people, especially those of color.

Op-ed: In Defense of Jared Leto

Transsexual acting coach Calpernia Addams on trans roles in Hollywood

Jared Leto Accused of Transmisogyny at Award Ceremony

The Oscar-nominated actor took time to engage with a heckler who believed Leto's role in Dallas Buyers Club should have gone to a transgender woman.

Advice on Potential Oscar Speeches for Leto, McConaughey

Will Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey sing a different tune from their Golden Globe speeches, if they win the Oscar for their roles in Dallas Buyers Club?


WATCH: Jared Leto on Avoiding Trans Character 'Cliche'

Jared Leto talked with Jon Stewart on Tuesday about his dedication to presenting a trans charter on screen who wasn't a cliche.

Jared Leto Says Trans Kids Inspired His Role in Dallas Buyers Club

The actor turned rock star says he met two young trans people last year, which helped inspire the role of Rayon, possibly his most laudable role yet.