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Ed Buck

Ed Buck Sentenced to Decades in Prison Over Deaths of Gay Black Men

Buck had previously been found guilty on charges that he provided drugs to men in exchange for sex, leading to two overdose deaths. 

Ed Buck's Lawyer Says Victims Died of AIDS, Heart Attack in Hearing

Harvey Weinstein's attorney, now representing mega predator Buck, was seeking to have various charges dropped.


Mega Predator Ed Buck Could Walk Free Today — Here’s What’s Happening

The Democratic donor was convicted in the deaths of Black gay men, injecting them with methamphetamine until they overdosed.

Exclusive: New Documentary Delves Into the Killings by Ed Buck

A new documentary from ALLBLK takes a deep dive into the killings of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean at the hands of Buck and how he was able to find his victims. 

Ed Buck Guilty of All Charges Against Him, Will Likely Die in Prison

A jury, presented with mountains of evidence, convicted the onetime West Hollywood fixture of supplying meth that led to the deaths of two gay Black men.

Disturbing Evidence Shown at Trial of Ed Buck; 'Jeffrey Dahmer 2.0'

Family members of Buck's alleged victims were exposed to horrifying videos, pictures, and text messages.


Prosecution Hammers 'Party and Play' in Trial of Gay Political Donor

Ed Buck, once a prominent gay activist and political donor, is accused of drugging two Black men, resulting in their deaths.

When Ed Buck Goes on Trial, So Does White Privilege

The fact that this white gay man was allowed to allegedly kill and harm so many Black men, for so long, proves our society is rotten to the core.

Should White People Be Telling Ed Buck's Black Horror Story?

Out activist Jasmyne A. Cannick led the call to bring the accused predator to justice, but she says opportunism elbowed her out of the narrative.

Ed Buck, Accused of Drugging Black Gay Men to Death, Denied Bail

Activist Jasmyne Cannick said Buck should not be able to return to the scene of his alleged crimes: his home.

Accused Predator Ed Buck Pleads for Prison Release

Buck is accused of distributing meth, resulting in the deaths of two gay Black men.


Ed Buck, Accused of Drugging Men to Death, Hit With 4 New Felonies

Buck (pictured, center) will face a jury that can send him to prison for the rest of his life.

Accused Predator Ed Buck Retains OJ Prosecutor Chris Darden as Lawyer

The political donor accused of drugging Black men, resulting in two deaths, is working with a famous litigator.

Ed Buck Was Not an Anomaly: Black Gay Men and the Lure of Meth

Meth is often spoke of as epidemic affecting whites, but the victims of Ed Buck -- Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean -- are a stark reminder of that fallacy.

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Ed Buck in Meth-Related Deaths of Gay Men

The political donor is charged with providing drugs that led to the deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean, and he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Ed Buck, Alleged Predator, Evicted from Apartment After Arrest

The political activist must abandon his longtime West Hollywood home after two gay Black men died there.

Report: Ed Buck to Be Charged With Federal Drug Crimes

Previously charged with state crimes, the political activist is now accused of distributing meth, resulting in death. 

Activist Jasmyne Cannick Speaks Out After Bringing Ed Buck to Justice

The lesbian organizer has been sounding the alarm on Ed Buck -- who may be responsible for the deaths of several gay Black men -- for years.

Ed Buck in Jail After Two Men Died in His Home and a Third Nearly Did

The L.A. County DA says the Democratic donor continued to drug and abuse vulnerable men of color, even after two died in his home.

Human Trafficking Charges Added to Civil Suit Against Ed Buck

The suit has been brought by the mother of Gemmel Moore, who died in the West Hollywood home of Buck, a major donor to Democratic candidates.