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LGBTQ Activists Recount The Glory, Fury of Stonewall

LGBTQ Activists Recount the Glory, Fury of Stonewall

Laverne Cox, Mark Segal, Jim Fouratt and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy discuss what happened at Stonewall on the night that changed history in a new documentary. 

The new documentary Generation Woodstock spotlights the social unrest of 1969 and the interwoven histories of Woodstock and the Stonewall uprising.

In this clip, LGBTQ+ activist Mark Segal recounts the feeling of being in the popular Greenwich Village bar and how hearing "Let the Sunshine In" by the 5th Dimension brings him back to that singular time and space. He describes the sensation of being in Stonewall, saying, "I'm here, I'm with my brothers and sisters, I'm queer, and I'm free."

Because same-sex dancing was illegal at the time, Laverne Cox elaborates on how the dancing that took place in Stonewall was "revolutionary." Legendary transgender activist Miss Major Griffin-Gracy recounts how the bar was a haven and a place of rejuvination. "For what we had to go through, what better place to shake off the blues than the Stonewall," she says.

Jim Fouratt was at Stonewall the night it would change history forever. He says, "Stonewall exploded. I had no idea what was going to happen."

Watch Generation Woodstock tonight at 10 Eastern on ABC, streaming, and on demand.

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