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Scotty Bowers, 'Male Madam' to Classic Hollywood Stars, Dead at 96

The famous Hollywood fixture has passed, but you can learn about his life with this clip. 

This Gay Jazz Singer Has Performed for Mike Pence's Mother

Spencer Day incorporates Pride and male pronouns into his songs, and even got a round of applause from Mom Pence (as opposed to "Mother").

Chelsea Manning Talks About Wearing a Bra in Men's Prison

The whistleblower opens up about the intimate reality of being a trans woman in a men's prison. 

New 'Digital Monument' Allows Users to Relive Stonewall Uprising

Technology now allows us to have a conversation with Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. 

Troye Sivan on Pride, Coming Out, and Embracing His Femininity

The pop star opens up about going to his first Pride in Raymond Braun's new documentary, State of Pride.

Watch How Allen Ginsberg and Barbara Rubin Started Their Love Affair

A new documentary shines light on the radical life of artist Barbara Rubin and her influence on the most famous figures of the 1960s New York underground art world. 

Inside Out's Incredible LGBTQ Film Lineup

Canada's largest LGBTQ film festival is back with Rocketman and more.

A Gay Man Opens Up About His Sexual Assault in 'One Taxi Ride'

In the new documentary, a young gay Mexican man tells his story for the first time. 

LGBTQ Activists Recount the Glory, Fury of Stonewall

Laverne Cox, Mark Segal, Jim Fouratt and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy discuss what happened at Stonewall on the night that changed history in a new documentary. 

Liza Minnelli Defends Her 'Best Friend,' Halston, in New Documentary

The legend refuses to dish dirt on the late fashion designer Halston.

A Trans Couple Fights to Survive Past 35

The film Thirty-Five features a real couple trying to defy Brazil's life expectancy for transgender people.

Asia Kate Dillon on Their Mighty Nonbinary 'John Wick 3' Character

The actor suggested that their character be nonbinary and the production team agreed. 

18 LGBTQ Films to Check Out at L.A.'s Asian Pacific Film Festival

Some much-needed representation is on display in Los Angeles this weekend.

A Trans Immigrant Fights for Her Life in 'The Garden Left Behind'

The Garden Left Behind stars a trans actress in an empowering lead role. 

New Art Performance Revisits the Height of the AIDS Crisis

A new theatrical solo performance from John Kelly brings audiences into the 1980s New York art world. 

On Earth Day, Two Youth Climate Activists Come Out

Two prominent climate activists share their coming out stories and discuss the intersections between queerness and climate change. 

'Working Woman' Examines the Horror of Sexual Harassment, Assault

We spoke with the director of this powerful new film, which explores a survivor's journey.

'Sauvage' Shows the Gritty Life of a Gay Sex Worker

The French film doesn't shy away from the realities of the work.

This History of Gay Bars Is Also a Tale of LGBTQ Liberation

In an era when bars are closing, this documentary on the San Diego scene keeps the doors open and highlights their importance. 

Queer Youth Demand Action Against Climate Change

Students around the world protested on Friday against environmental inaction.