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Matt Smith Gets Explicit in Mapplethorpe Director's Cut Trailer 


Get ready to see more of Matt Smith — and Robert Mapplethorpe.

The actor from The Crown portrayed the iconic gay photographer in the 2018 biopic Mapplethorpe, directed by Ondi Timoner (Dig!). But now a new director's cut is coming that shows even more of the artist's early years, career, and sex life.

The cut will depict unreleased scenes of his time with loved ones, including musician Patti Smith (Marianne Rendón) and art collector and partner Sam Wagstaff (John Benjamin Hickey), as well as the strained relationship with his father and religion. There will also be a new soundtrack and previously unseen images from Mapplethorpe's childhood.

And there will be more details of Mapplethorpe's photo process, which scandalized the art world at the time with images from the queer S&M scene. These photographs ignited a national debate over censorship and what constitutes art versus pornography.

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The director's cut of Mapplethorpe will be available to stream April 2 from distributor Samuel Goldwyn Films. Watch the new (unrated!) trailer below, premiering exclusively with The Advocate.

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