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Florence High School

WATCH: Activists Picket Calif. Group Targeting Trans Kids

Transgender activists hosted a demonstration outside the Southern California office of the Pacific Justice Institute to protest the Christian organization's ongoing harassment of a transgender teen in Colorado.

WATCH: Video Paints Colo. Trans Girl as Harasser

It's the latest development in a right-wing group's effort to falsely claim other students are being bothered by the girl.

Mother of Trans Teen Targeted by Right-Wingers Speaks Out

When the antigay Pacific Justice Institute claimed a transgender teenager was harassing cisgender students in the school bathroom, LGBT activists went to work uncovering the truth -- which has now been confirmed by the teen's lesbian mother.

Right-Wing Group: Presence of Trans Student in Girls' Restroom Is 'Har

False reports have been circulating of harassment by a transgender girl at a Colorado high school, and now a conservative group says she's committing harassment simply by using the girls' restroom.