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WATCH: Video Paints Colo. Trans Girl as Harasser

WATCH: Video Paints Colo. Trans Girl as Harasser


It's the latest development in a right-wing group's effort to falsely claim other students are being bothered by the girl.

A conservative legal group posted a transphobic video on YouTube portraying how female students at a Colorado high school have "suffered" because the school allows a transgender girl to use the girls' restroom and locker room.

Last month, the Pacific Justice Institute alleged that the transgender girl was harassing other girls in the restroom at Florence High School, a claim that was found to be untrue but was publicized by several right-wing media outlets. Then the institute issued a statement to the effect that the mere presence of the transgender girl amounted to harassment. Now the YouTube video, posted this week, features parents and students complaining about the trans girl's presence, along with an attorney from the institute, Brad Dacus, promoting the group's work to defend students' "privacy." "These young teenage girls have gone through a lot," he says.

Some of the girls talk about taking steps to avoid the student in question, and one says she's uncomfortable because "I know that he doesn't have the same parts as me." Throughout the video participants refer to the student as a boy, who they paint as an aggressor. "Why can't we teach him to respect others?" says one parent, while another says, "We pray for this boy every night."

The Pacific Justice Institute is apparently trying to drum up support for its efforts to fight a new California law that allows transgender students access to the facilities and activities that correlate with their gender identity. The law goes into effect in January.

Below, watch the video, which has drawn many negative comments on YouTube. And here, read an Advocate contributor's op-ed on the matter, calling the Pacific Justice Institute's behavior harassment and "the lowest of the low."

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