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Formerly the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, GLAAD is one of the most prominent media watchdog and advocacy organizations in the country for the LGBT community. Read the latest news about GLAAD and their work with different public figures, actors, and television networks, in order to improve the portrayals of LGBT characters and themes in the media. Find out about their latest facts, figures, and reports, which highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each network in their depictions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals.

Kamala Harris Celebrates Pride Month with Star-Studded Event

There was joy upon queer joy on display and a party atmosphere at the Naval Observatory.

Elon Musk Dials Up Transphobia on Twitter, Says 'Cis' Is a Slur

The controversial billionaire continues catering to far-right extremists and right-wing ideiology.

Johns Hopkins University Blasted Over Its Definition of ‘Lesbian’

Social media users accused the prestigious school of “erasing women.”

69 Photos Celebrating the Star-Studded GLAAD Media Awards in NYC

Karine Jean-Pierre, Joel Kim Booster, Zooey Zephyr, Harvey Guillén, Mauree Turner, and more graced the stage last weekend for the ceremony honoring LGBTQ+ media representation.

Elon Musk’s Twitter No Longer Protects Transgender People from Abuse

It’s now okay to deadname and misgender trans people on the app, thanks to the free speech absolutist who banned people for insulting him.

Texas LGBTQ+ Activist Kirk Myers-Hill Dead at 54

He touched the lives of Black LGBTQ+ community members in Texas.

Shame on Lesley Stahl, ‘60 Minutes’ for Promoting Marjorie Taylor Greene

A serious news show sinks to the bottom, an out editor sinks to DeSantis, and a network sinks to trans disinformation, and why isn't someone speaking out?

ACT UP and GLAAD Protest Simon  & Schuster's 'Denialist' HIV Book

The publisher is distributing a book that questions whether HIV causes AIDS.

100+ Activists, Journalists Call Out Anti-Trans Bias in New York Times

A GLAAD-led coalition and a group of Times contributors say the paper of record is full of transphobic pseudoscience.

New 'Drag Race' Contestants Discuss Anti-Drag Hate Across the U.S.

Contestants from season 15 of RuPaul's Drag Race spoke with GLAAD about the effects of anti-drag protests and hatred fomented by the conservative right in America.

There Have Been 141 Protests & Threats Against Drag Events This Year

Some of the incidents were violent, and the largest number took place in Texas, according to an updated report by GLAAD.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Way Up on Twitter Since Elon Musk's Takeover: Study

A new study found that since Elon Musk acquired the social media platform, use of the false and hateful 'groomer' slur has increased exponentially on Twitter.

LGBTQ+ Representation in Movies Decreases, Report Finds

While the number of films with LGBTQ+ characters has increased year over year, the proportion of that representation and other data points have decreased slightly.

It's Transgender Awareness Week — Here's How to Observe It

It's a time to highlight the challenges trans people face and what they've overcome -- and to participate in a national survey.

Empire State Building, Jujubee, & More Will Take Part in Spirit Day

Landmark buildings, scores of celebrities, TV networks, and others will go purple to stand against bullying and for LGBTQ+ youth.

GLAAD Ads Remind LGBTQ+ Voters What's at Stake in Midterm Election

With more than 300 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced across the United States in 2022, advocates are urging queer people and their allies to vote.

Drag Queen Asks Why Marco Rubio Is Obsessed With Her

Lil Miss Hot Mess wants to know from Sen. Marco Rubio why he won't leave her alone.

New Database Tracks Corporate Donations to Anti-LGBTQ+ Lawmakers

The database that allows users to see which problematic candidates a given corporation has supported.