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Global Getaways

Machu Picchu: Ancient City in the Clouds

Visiting Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan citadel, is as powerful as everyone says. And now it's more accessible, affordable, and luxurious than ever.

For St. Patrick's Day, an Ode to Ireland's Rebellious Second City

Cork embraces LGBTQ people, celebrates Native history, offers inventive cuisine, and safeguards Celtic culture.

Bangkok's Creative District Will Inspire You to Dream Bigger

Exposing the city's biggest gem.

Costa Rica Is an Eco-Destination—It's Also a Gay One

This Central American gem offers LGBTQ travelers a taste of the simple life -- and an utterly gorgeous ecosystem.

Lake Como Is Not Just for Rich Straight Guys

George Clooney, James Bond, and Herb Caen all fell for Italy's Lake Como -- now you can too.