Switching from
AZT results in only slight reversal of lipoatrophy

adults experiencing fat loss from their limbs experience a
slight reversal of lipoatrophy when switching from AZT to
either Viread or Ziagen, according to a study
presented at 10th European AIDS Conference,
AIDSmap.com reports. Switching from Zerit (d4T) to Viread or
Ziagen posted much better gains in limb fat, according to
the study. The researchers followed 105 HIV-positive
patients experiencing fat loss and determined that
after 48 weeks those who replaced AZT gained a median 66
grams of limb fat when switching to Viread and 210 grams
when switching to Ziagen. By comparison, those
switching from Zerit to Viread posted a median
529-gram limb fat gain, and those replacing Zerit with
Ziagen achieved a 357-gram gain. Other factors
associated with a lower fat-loss recovery included
older age, Caucasian ethnicity, and longer duration of
antiretroviral therapy, according to the study.

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