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Recurrent genital
herpes can be treated with one-day regimen

Recurrent genital
herpes can be treated with one-day regimen

Adults infected with genital herpes can ward off long-lasting outbreaks of the sexually transmitted disease if they take a one-day regimen of famciclovir within six hours of the first symptoms of a recurrence, reports Researchers at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, say adults who took a one-day regimen of 1,000 milligrams of famciclovir dosed two times were about twice as likely as those taking a placebo to have what the researchers called "aborted lesions"--those that didn't progress beyond initial symptoms. Lesions that went beyond the initial stage lasted a median 4.3 days for those taking the one-day regimen, compared with 6.1 days for those taking a placebo.

But the key to the successful treatment was beginning medication within six hours of the first appearance of a herpes lesion, the researchers say. If the drugs are started too late, their effects are blunted, and the standard course of treatment--125 milligrams of famciclovir taken twice daily for five days--must then be followed.

Other drugs approved to treat the STD include valacyclovir, taken twice daily for three days, and acyclovir, taken five times a day for one day. (

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