Recurrent genital
herpes can be treated with one-day regimen

Adults infected
with genital herpes can ward off long-lasting outbreaks
of the sexually transmitted disease if they take a one-day
regimen of famciclovir within six hours of the first
symptoms of a recurrence, reports
Researchers at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg,
Canada, say adults who took a one-day regimen of 1,000
milligrams of famciclovir dosed two times were about
twice as likely as those taking a placebo to have what
the researchers called “aborted
lesions”—those that didn’t
progress beyond initial symptoms. Lesions that went beyond
the initial stage lasted a median 4.3 days for those
taking the one-day regimen, compared with 6.1 days for
those taking a placebo.

But the key to
the successful treatment was beginning medication within
six hours of the first appearance of a herpes lesion, the
researchers say. If the drugs are started too late,
their effects are blunted, and the standard course of
treatment—125 milligrams of famciclovir taken
twice daily for five days—must then be followed.

Other drugs
approved to treat the STD include valacyclovir, taken twice
daily for three days, and acyclovir, taken five times a day
for one day. (

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