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Rare STD reported
among gay men in Alberta, Canada

Rare STD reported
among gay men in Alberta, Canada

LGV cases reported among gay men in Calgary, Canada

Health officials in Alberta, Canada, have reported three cases of the rare sexually transmitted disease lymphogranuloma venereum among gay men in Calgary, bringing the city's total count to four cases since 2005 and the country's tally to just under 40 confirmed cases, the Calgary Herald reports. Although the outbreak is still relatively small, health officials worry it could be a sign that unprotected sex is on the rise among gay and bisexual men, which could lead to spikes in other diseases, including syphilis and HIV.

LGV, a rare and invasive form of chlamydia, is most commonly transmitted between gay men through unprotected anal sex. The STD is treatable with antibiotics but can cause severe genital and rectal swelling, bleeding, and scarring if left untreated. In a small number of cases it also can cause a fatal infection of the lining of the brain. LGV outbreaks among gay and bisexual men have been reported since 2004 in several European countries and Canada as well as in New York City, Atlanta, Boston, and San Francisco.

Scientists believe the rectal bleeding associated with LGV infection may significantly boost the risks of HIV infection through unprotected sex. (The Advocate)

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