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Donatella Versace Blasts the Italian Government’s Wave of Anti-LGBTQ+ Policies

In an impassioned speech at an award ceremony last Sunday, the designer denounced Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s far-right-led coalition for ongoing measures to restrict LGBTQ+ rights.

Lesbian Mothers Are Being Removed From Birth Certificates in Italy

“It was as if I did not exist,” one mother revealed.

Lesbian Mothers Targeted by Prosecutor Going After Children's Birth Certificates

The parents are fighting back, however.

Gay Ex-Adult Film Star Sues University for Firing Him and Wins

Ruggero Freddi once worked for Colt Studio.

Emanuele Crialese on His Autobiographical Coming-of-age Trans Film, L'immensità

The acclaimed director discusses why he decided to make this personal film now and what he hopes viewers learn from the story he tells.

Italian Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Parents

The ruling goes against the views of Italy's new far-right government and prime minister.

Vatican Reviews Policies on LGBTQ+ Parishioners, Women in Leadership

It's the latest example of the Catholic Church responding to criticisms over certain issues.

The Anti-LGBTQ+ Views of Italy's Likely New Leader, Giorgia Meloni

Meloni denies she'll roll back LGBTQ+ rights, but she's spoken out against "the LGBT lobby" and "gender ideology."

Teen Savagely Beaten by Uncle for Wearing Rainbow Bandanna

"Now you die at home," the uncle allegedly told the boy.

Elliot Page Has an Italian Trans Documentary on the Way

The transmasculine star is producing Nel Mio Nome, which follows a group of four trans men.

Olympic Medal-Winning Boxer Irma Testa Comes Out

Fear of judgment in her sport kept the bronze medal-winning Italian athlete from sharing her truth publicly -- until now.

Lady Gaga: Italy's Failure to Pass LGBTQ+ Rights Bill 'Total Disaster'

"You deserve to be protected at all costs, like every human being on earth," the out actress and singer tells Italy's LGBTQ+ community.

Italian Populist Politician Vincenzo Spadafora Comes Out as Gay

Spadafora said he had a responsibility to be out because he's a public figure.

Italian Senate Kills LGBTQ+ Hate Crimes Legislation

The Senate voted to block debate on the bill, essentially ending its chance of passing during the current legislative session.

New Book Shows How a Tragedy Launched Italy's LGBTQ+ Rights Movement

Author and former Roman Catholic priest Francesco Lepore (pictured) examines a double murder and 40 years of Italian activism.

Italian Olympic Archer Lucilla Boari Comes Out After Winning Bronze

A surprise video message from her girlfriend at a press conference led Boari to come out publicly.

Vatican Expresses Opposition to Italy's LGBTQ+ Rights Bill

The headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church has made an unusual move into secular politics.

A Cardinal Hired by Pope Francis Comes to Aid of Trans Sex Workers

The Polish cardinal represents a forward-thinking wing of the Roman Catholic Church.

36 Photos of Men In Europe by Ron Amato

Each June Ron Amato teaches photography in Europe. This year he traveled to Florence, Berlin and London. Here is a collection of photographs from this year’s trip.