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Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik Threatens Anti-Defamation League Over Extremist Label

The creator of Libs of TikTok demands her name be removed from ADL’s “Glossary of Extremism.”

Gay Jewish Lawmaker's Apartment Targeted With Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Maryland Delegate Joe Vogel’s vandalized residence reflects a grim ripple effect as experts warn of escalating inter-community conflicts with the ongoing Middle East turmoil.

Holocaust Monument for LGBTQ+ Victims Vandalized in Berlin

The public prosecutor is investigating it as a potential hate crime.

Auschwitz Museum Remembers Gay Men Who Were Murdered in the Holocaust

Between 77 and 200 estimated prisoners were persecuted for their sexual orientation, scholars believe.

Police Warn Minorities: Be Vigilant on Saturday's 'National Day of Hate'

Jewish people were told by law enforcement officials to be especially on alert this weekend.

36 Pics of Inhibitions and Shirts Coming Off at Hebro's Jewbilee Party

The biggest party for gay Jews (and those who love them) was as wild as ever.

Feds Thwart Planned Mass Shooting on Gay Clubs, Synagogues

The suspect from New Jersey allegedly planned to conduct a mass shooting targeting synagogues and gay clubs.

Yeshiva U. Blocks All Student Clubs Rather Than OK LGBTQ+ One

The Supreme Court denied the school's request to stop a lower court order for it to recognize an LGBTQ+ group, so Yeshiva has temporarily halted all undergrad club activities.

Shatzi Weisberger: Meet The 91-Year-Old Death Educator

"I was a political lesbian for many years. I just loved being around lesbians."

Ruthie Berman: The Pioneering Lesbian Shares Her Epic Love Story

Ruthie Berman and her wife, Connie Kurtz, successfully sued the New York City Board of Education for domestic partner benefits in 1988.

Lessons Learned as a Gay Son of Holocaust Survivors

On this International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we must learn from our past in order to build a safe, secure future for all.

Text Message Tells LGBTQ+ Israelis Repent or Die

"You deserve severe punishment, death and deportation from Israel," the message reads.

Biden Nominates Lesbian Rabbi to Religious Freedom Commission

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, leader of LGBTQ-focused Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, provides a contrast to Donald Trump's homophobic appointees.

Jewish-Affiliated Yeshiva University Sued After Banning LGBTQ+ Club

The lawsuit follows multiple failed attempts to start a queer student club at the New York university.

The Capitol and the Grim Reminder to a Gay Jewish Man to Never Forget

There's light now that President Joe Biden is in office, but the capitol insurrection reminds us that anti-Semitism (among other things) is alive and well.

Where Is My Queer Hanukkah Rom-Com?

With the release of Happiest Season and so many other queer Christmas movies, one writer wonders where her happy Hannukah ending is. 

Online Interfaith Memorial Service Will Honor Holidays, Mourn Losses

Organized by HRC, the service will observe Easter and Passover while memorializing victims of the current pandemic.

Israeli Rabbi: COVID-19 Is Nature's 'Revenge' Against Pride Parades

Rabbi Meir Mazuz claimed only "Arab countries that don't have this evil inclination" will be spared from the global pandemic.

H. Alan Scott on What It Means to Be Jewish and Queer in 2019

The new documentary, Latter Day Jew, follows H. Alan Scott, a former Mormon who gets cancer and converts to Judaism. 

Rabbi: Jews Should Choose Death Over Allowing LGBTQ Lessons

Gavriel Krausz says desperate measures are needed in response to a new U.K. law requiring LGBTQ inclusion in religious and sex education.