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Justin Trudeau

Canada Bans the Harmful Practice of LGBTQ+ 'Conversion Therapy'

The law will take effect in 30 days and will make promoting or practicing conversion therapy a criminal offense. 

Justin Trudeau Makes Canadian History With Gay Bar Visit

Trudeau had a beer and posed for pictures with the happy hour crowd to kick off Vancouver Pride Week. 

With U.S. in the Dark Ages, Will Canada Promote Global LGBT Rights?

Holding out for a hero when it comes to worldwide equality.

Right-Wingers Frame Trudeau as Sexist Snowflake for Saying 'Peoplekind'

A viral clip of the Canadian prime minister appearing to correct a woman's use of "mankind" is fake news.

Canada to Give $110 Million to 'Gay Purge' Victims

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued an apology and an unprecedented promise of financial compensation.