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Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is trying to become a viable third option in the U.S. election, especially in the race for president, with Gary Johnson as the party's nominee.

Gary Johnson: If Donald Trump's Comments Are Racist, So Is He

The libertarian says racist comments are "reflective" of the candidate.

LGBT Libertarians: Party Stands for 'Awesome' Liberty

Government is an enabler of discrimination, not the answer to it, say members of Outright Libertarians.

Can Libertarian Gary Johnson Attract LGBT Voters?

The former Republican governor of New Mexico secured the Libertarian nomination for president today, along with running-mate Bill Weld, a former governor of Massachusetts. 

Meet the Gay Libertarian Running for Vice President

Kerry McKennon, an out Texas Libertarian, believes his party offers a natural home for today’s most high-profile civil rights causes.

Libertarian's Bill Weld Touts Connection to Equal Marriage

Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld earned raucous applause when the Libertarian vice presidential hopeful reminded delegates that he appointed the first U.S. judge to rule in favor of marriage equality. 

Op-ed: Libertarians Have Long Led the Way on Marriage

Libertarian leader David Boaz says his party endorsed marriage equality — and full rights for gays and lesbians — way before Barack and Hillary.

Koch Brother Supports Marriage Equality

Although David Koch and his brother Charles are spending millions to elect Republican candidates, David has a significant difference with the party.