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Major League Baseball

Ruby, who plays for an Oregon minor league team, is also a country music songwriter.

September 02 2021 12:52 PM

Thom Brennaman, who used the f word on-air, will be covering high school sports instead of Major League Baseball.

July 22 2021 2:13 PM

Thom Brennaman, who has covered major sports for over three decades, was slammed for using the f word on air.

September 28 2020 3:21 PM

Billy Bean and Major League Baseball are not just going purple for Spirit Day, but going to bat for queer kids all year long.

October 18 2018 4:03 AM

The Braves' organist trolled Daniel Murphy with songs about love and inclusion.

September 04 2018 4:05 PM

Laura Ricketts says she got on board with acquiring Daniel Murphy after talks with MLB inclusion ambassador Billy Bean and others.

August 28 2018 3:45 PM

Hader's racist and homophobic tweets from 2011 resurfaced during the All-Star Game Tuesday.

July 19 2018 2:59 PM