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Blue Jays Pitcher Anthony Bass Apologizes Over Transphobic Boycott Post

Blue Jays Pitcher Anthony Bass Apologizes Over Transphobic Boycott Post

Anthony Bass
David Berding/Getty Images

He apologized a day after he shared the transphobic video.

American baseball player Anthony Bass, who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays, has apologized after pushback for a social media post supporting boycotts against Target and Bud Light because of their recent LGBTQ+ partnerships.

The pitcher shared a video that called on Christians to boycott the two companies on his Instagram story Monday, echoing campaigns fueled by homophobic and transphobic comments from Republican politicians, the Toronto Star reports.

“Here’s the reason biblically why I believe Christians have got to be boycotting Target, Bud Light, and any other corporation that’s pushing the things they’re pushing,” the video states.

The creator of the video, “@dudewithgoodnews,” claims that the moves to boycott seek to remove all that is “evil” and “demonic” and is being shoved “into children’s faces” from society.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bass apologized for posting the clip.

“I recognize yesterday I made a post that was hurtful to the Pride community, which includes friends of mine and close family members of mine, and I’m truly sorry for that,” Bass said in a statement to the media, the Star reports.

Bass added that he would seek to “better educate” himself to “make better decisions going forward” with the help of the Blue Jays resources.

A partnership between Bud Light and transgender TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney garnered attention from conservatives nationwide in early April. The backlash to the Bud Light partnership included hatred and transphobia. Kid Rock, among others on the right, posted a video shooting Bud Light bottles. Two marketing executives left the brewing conglomerate over the kerfuffle.

More recently, Target has come under fire for bending to pressure from right-wing extremists who were upset at the company’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month offerings and, through a misinformation campaign, pressured the company into removing some merchandise from its shelves.

Social media users have criticized the Blue Jays and Bass over the post.

“Racism isn’t tolerated in locker rooms, and neither should non support of LGBTQ rights,” tweeted someone. “If you can’t support your team mates, there’s the door — get out. Because I guarantee Bass has both team mates of colour and who fit in the LGBTQ community.”

Another said they had donated money to Toronto's PFLAG group to support LGBTQ+ people and families.

The Blue Jays told the Toronto Star, “Individual player sentiments are not representative of the club’s beliefs.”

In a statement, the team said, “The Blue Jays bring millions of fans together across Canada and are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming experience for all.”

It added: “The Blue Jays are proud to celebrate LGBTQ2S+ Pride Month, including a special fourth annual Pride Weekend at the ballpark June 9 and 10, and demonstrations of allyship all month long around the ballpark.”

His last controversy occurred in mid-April when he went to Twitter to express his anger at a United Airlines flight attendant for making his pregnant wife clean up popcorn spilled by their toddler. Many called him out for being entitled. When asked who would clean up the mess, he responded, “The cleaning crew they hire!”

Bass deleted his Twitter account after being roundly mocked and criticized.

“The ballpark is for everybody,” Bass said in his apology on Tuesday. “We include all fans at the ballpark and we want to welcome everybody.”

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