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Mark Regnerus

Utah Backs Away from Discredited Antigay Parenting Study

The lawyer representing Utah's governor now says the discredited, antigay parenting study from Mark Regnerus has 'very little relevance' to the state's defense of its constitutional ban on marriage equality.

Court Ruling Paves Path for Release of Regnerus Records

A Florida judge ruled that documents related to a controversial 2012 study on LGBT parents should be released.

WATCH: Russian Group Spreads Homophobic Lies

The video, among other things, says gay people adopt children in order to molest them.

Documents Show Debunked Study Was Targeted at High Court

Documents recently released by the University of Texas show that a widely discredited study on family structures by associate professor Mark Regnerus was funded by a right-wing antigay group and intended to provide evidence that gay and lesbian parents are inadequate in order to present that argument to the Supreme Court.

Parenting Study Author Regnerus Admits Faulty Data

Professor Mark Regnerus, whose controversial study deeming gay people as ill equipped at being parents, now says some of his methodology wasn't quite right.