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Martin O'Malley

Democratic Race in Iowa: Too Close to Call

With Martin O'Malley suspending his campaign, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are duking it out for Democratic delegates in the first nominating contest of the 2016 election, the Iowa caucus. 

TOWN HALL: Dems Talk LGBT Rights, Economy, and More

The three Democratic presidential candidates stressed familiar themes in taking audience questions a week before the Iowa caucuses.

DEM DEBATE: Some Clinton-Sanders Clashes, But Agreement on Much

There's some contention about health care plans and Wall Street regulation.

Democratic Debate: Stark Differences with GOP

'On our worst day, I think we have a lot more to offer the American people than the right wing's extremists,' says Bernie Sanders.

Democrats Again Show Big Contrast With GOP

The Democratic presidential candidates once again showed they have a few differences with each other, but many with the Republican field.

Clinton Talks DOMA, Everyone Touts Inclusion at Dem Forum

Clinton stands by her statements that DOMA was a way to avoid something worse, while she, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley discuss a variety of issues with Rachel Maddow.

Dems Differ With Republicans, Not Much With Each Other

Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate highlighted contrasts with the GOP more than anything else.

O'Malley Highlights LGBT Record in Run For White House

The former governor and early proponent of same sex marriage is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.