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P!nk's 'All I Know So Far Video' Features Cher, Judith Light, Titanic

P!nk's 'All I Know So Far Video' Features Cher, Judith Light, Titanic


The visual story to accompany P!nk's song about the lessons she's learned is loaded with imagery from myth, pop culture, and life. 

In her new video for her song "All I Know So Far," P!nk tells her life story with rich imagery from myth, pop culture, and life with Judith Light as a stand-in for a mother figure and Cher as a deity. The song accompanies P!nk's upcoming documentary P!nk: All I Know So Far, which follows her life as a mom and a rock/pop star on the road during her Beautiful Trauma tour.

The video for the song begins with P!nk telling her daughter Willow a bedtime story, which turns out to be a tale of the lessons she's learned up to this point in life. In it, Light plays a mother figure with whom P!nk's character eventually makes some peace. Meanwhile, Cher, haloed in light, arrives at just the right moments. The story, directed like a fever dream by Dave Meyers, is rich with imagery invoking the patriarchy, healing, and the myth of Sisyphus repeatedly pushing the giant rock up a hill. P!nk's kids Willow and Jameson appear, as does her husband, Carey Hart, who helps her re-create the famous scene from Titanic of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio at the bow of the ship that's about to sink.

The song and video have been released ahead of the documentary from The Greatest Showman's director, Michael Gracey. The film follows P!nk on tour as she juggles the many facets of her life as a mother, wife, performer, businesswoman, and friend to her found family of musicians, dancers, backup singers, and crew. The documentary P!nk: All I Know So Far launches on Amazon Prime Video on May 21.

Watch the video for the song below.

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