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National Organization for Marriage (NOM)

Read the latest news about the National Organization for Marriage, a nonprofit organization that was created to advocate for the passing of Prop. 8 in California. Browse through the headlines related to NOM, which opposes marriage equality as well as other LGBT rights issues, including adoption by same-sex couples and the ability of transgender individuals to access restrooms that correspond with their gender identity. Read more about the National Organization for Marriage and other opponents of LGBT equality in the United States and beyond.

January 6 Panel Seeks Criminal Charges Against Homophobe John Eastman

The U.S. House committee investigating the Capitol riot recommends that Eastman face charges for encouraging Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

John Eastman, Pro-Trump Jan. 6 Conspirator, & His Anti-LGBTQ+ History

Before trying to throw the 2020 election to Donald Trump, Eastman had a long record of opposing marriage equality and other LGBTQ+ causes.

After Photo Emerges, Alito, Kavanaugh Urged to Recuse From LGBTQ Cases

The call comes after the two Supreme Court justices were photographed with homophobic activist Brian Brown.

An Antigay Assault Threatens Marriage Equality in Taiwan

Even though it's settled here, the marriage battle rages on across the globe -- and the movement needs your help, Evan Wolfson writes.

Religious Right Divided Over Trump's Executive Order

Some say it's just dandy, while others consider it next to nothing.

Anti-Trans Bus Vandalized With 'Trans Liberation' Tag

A so-called "free speech" bus was spray painted with pro-trans messages on Thursday.

NOM May Be Collapsing Before Our Eyes

The infamous antigay group is promising to reverse marriage equality, but it looks like it's fighting to stay alive. 

NOM Pushes Anti-LGBT 'Religious Freedom' Order

The anti-marriage equality group has started a petition for the order, saying it will not enable discrimination.

Trump Picks Right-Wing Activist Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education

DeVos is also a proponent of school vouchers, which would divert taxpayer funds to private schools, including religious ones.


NOM's March for Marriage Is the Dying Gasp of Opposition

Railing against the dangers of same-sex marriage just doesn’t draw a crowd like it used to, the National Organization for Marriage learned this weekend. 

NOM Decries 'Extermination of True Marriage'

Marriage equality plaintiff Jim Obergefell's attendance at the State of the Union address is a slap in the face to 50 million Americans whose votes against same-sex marriage were 'stolen by the Supreme Court,' says NOM. 

LISTEN: Huckabee Thinks He'd Be Too Effective

Because he'd end same-sex marriage and abortion, religious right groups wouldn't be able to use those issues in fundraising, Mike Huckabee contends.

Ted Cruz Rakes in Right-Wing Endorsements

Ted Cruz locked up the endorsement of Bob Vander Plaats, a prominent Christian conservative who is influential with Iowa's evangelical voting bloc.


Right-Wingers Vow to Undo Marriage Equality at WCF

And the father of a certain presidential candidate said the LGBT movement's next goal is legalizing pedophilia.

WATCH: Kim Davis as Heroic as Abolitionists, Says Bryan Fischer

Yep, opposing marriage equality is just like opposing slavery. Or the Nazis, says the antigay commentator.

Op-ed: Think NOM Is Dead? Think Again

We might not see much of the antigay menace anymore -- that's because it's gone global.

Will GOP Candidates Sign NOM's 2016 Hate Pledge?

The antigay National Organization for Marriage held much sway over the 2012 election. Fred Karger, an out GOP presidential candidate from that year, wonders if NOM will exert the same influence in 2016.

Right Wing Vows to Refuse and Resist

The right is also making comparisons to a pro-slavery decision and talking about 'disenfranchisement.'

NOM Submits Anti-Marriage Equality Pledge to GOP Presidential Hopefuls

The National Organization for Marriage once again wants candidates to swear opposition to equal marriage rights, while another right-wing group has abandoned its pledge.

WATCH: NOM Thinks It Has a Future (of One Year)

Despite mounting debt, NOM predicts it will exist for at least one more year.