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Wells Fargo

How Wells Fargo Has Been Helping LGBTQ Communities

Wells Fargo's continued support of national LGBTQ organizations honors a longstanding tradition.

The Advocate's Collaborators

The Advocate's All-New Collaborators Video, featuring real LGBT couples discussing their financial options together and growing their families. 

Paying Off Student Loans with Matt & Rick

Matt & Rick learn how to effectively pay off student loan debt while saving for other investments in episode 6 of Money Minute.

Planning for Adoption with Matt & Rick

Matt & Rick receive advice on financing the upfront costs of adoption in episode 5 of Money Minute.

Purchasing a Second Home with Hayley & Erica

Hayley & Erica learn the pros and cons of owning a second home in episode 4 of Money Minute.

Saving for College Tuition with Hayley & Erica

Hayley & Erica learn there is no such thing as too soon to start saving for their childrens' college tuition in episode 3 of the Money Minute.

Planning for Retirement with Jason & Shane

Money Minute episode 2 shows Jason & Shane how to plan for retirement and enjoy the most of their bright future together.

Purchasing a Home with Jason & Shane

Jason & Shane learn how to save for their first home purchase together in episode 1 of the Money Minute.

Introducing…The Advocate Money Minute: Working Sessions

This season The Advocate pairs real families with the best financial experts in the field.

#WhyIWork Q&A: Matt & Rick

The Advocate teamed up with Wells Fargo to ask fans and readers #WhyIWork.

Hayley & Erica Share #WhyIWork

The Advocate teamed up with Wells Fargo to ask fans and readers #WhyIWork.

Jason & Shane Share #WhyIWork

The Advocate teamed up with Wells Fargo to ask fans and readers #WhyIWork.

Want to Have Kids But Worried About Cost?

From diapers to college, our expert will help you prepare for the costs of having kids

Home Lending

Everything you need to know before buying a new home.

Small Business

Dream of being your own boss? Our Money Minute experts can help you turn an idea into a profitable business.

Retirement: Planning Ahead for Your 'Golden Years'

Planning ahead for your golden years.

Federal vs. State

Staying up-to-date on the protections and opportunities available for same-sex couples.


How to be open and honest when talking about money.

Introducing…The Advocate Money Minute

This season explores LGBT money issues with small business, retirement, home lending and more.