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Neal Broverman

Op-ed: Let These Men Remind You That HIV Is Still Real

The death of one friend and the suffering of another was a major wake-up call for this writer. It should be one for you too.

Op-ed: Ello, Is It a Gay Facebook You're Looking For?

Even though Ello excitement came and went, it's clear LGBTs are experiencing Facebook fatigue.

Op-ed: Is This The Most Hated Woman in Gay America?

Three people were arrested this week for attacking a male couple in Philadelphia, but it's the lone female suspect being burned at the stake.

Op-ed: All Gay People Are Screwed Up and It's OK

We all face a deficit for growing up LGBT in a straight world. Admitting it is the first step in making sure the next generation gets a better deal.

Op-ed: When Your Boss Stones People to Death, Find a New Gig

The head of the Sultan of Brunei's hotel company places money above human decency. It's an anti-lesson for all of us.

Op-ed: Gay Men of Hollywood, Just as Bad as Straight Ones

Any culture of using young men is inexcusable.

Op-ed: Don't Be a Koch Sucker

Many are up in arms over the Mozilla CEO's Prop. 8 donation, but what about the rich guys trying to steal elections to get richer and take away our rights on the sly?


Op-ed: RIP Gay Clubs and Their Affirming Debauchery

Dance palaces for us are shuttering from Moscow to Vegas, and it's not just bad House music we're losing.

Op-ed: When Are We Getting Man on Man Pop Star Action?

Almost every young female musician flirts with bisexuality. Here's why the boys won't be following in their footsteps, at least anytime soon.

Op-ed: Hey Gay Guys, Women Are Not the Enemy

Men who only surround themselves with men miss out on some of the richest relationships in life.

Op-ed: The Curious Case of Ronan Farrow

Ronan Farrow, the soon-to-be MSNBC host, plays it close to the vest with his love life, but isn't afraid to publicly blast his famous father. Is this a conflict or simply a choice?

Op-ed: Embracing the 'ist' Factor

No one wants to be associated with words like "activist" or "feminist" anymore. This writer says it's time to make strident the new sexy.

Op-ed: The Gay Clones Everyone Knows

Gay men of the '70s are remembered for hirsute faces and skintight jeans; their brothers of the '90s were partial to bangs and stubble. How will the gay "look" of the 2010s be remembered?

Coming Out As... Attacked

Actually, slapped. It sounds like a funny story, but this writer still can't laugh about being assaulted by a mad motorcyclist 16 years ago.

Op-ed: Let's Talk (and Talk and Talk) About Sex

From Miley to Masters of Sex, our society seems randier than ever. Is there a price to pay for all this lust?

When Straight Guys Treat Us Like Women, Is It Progress?

After traveling in an elevator with a group of straight men, this gay editor was allowed to exit first. He's still trying to decide if he was handed a silent compliment or just given the shaft.

Op-ed: Hillary 2016 and Tammy 2020?

America has yet to elect a female president. Does that mean the Rapture will arrive before an LGBT prez does?

Op-ed: This Weiner's Gone Too Far

Even though gays are regularly judged on their sex lives, we shouldn't accept Anthony Weiner's horny transgressions.

Op-ed: F Bombs, C Terms, and Other Words With Friends

Words matter and keeping up with their changing nature is part of being alive, so study up on "cisgender" and stop dropping "queen" like you're Alec Baldwin.