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Nebraska trans youth can access gender-affirming care, but only after invalidating therapy

Minors in Nebraska will be able to access gender-affirming care, but only after attending 40 hours of therapy that could push back on their identity.

George Santos Videos Now Selling for $400 on Cameo

Former U.S. Rep. George Santos took to Cameo for a new venture, offering personalized messages, including one to bi Nebraska state Senator Megan Hunt.


Nebraska Judge Dismisses Transgender Graduate's Suit Over Shutdown of School Paper

The former student who brought the suit could not prove he was harmed by the school's action, the judge ruled.

Nebraskans Ask State Supreme Court to Overturn Abortion, Trans Care Restrictions

The regulations were combined into one bill, which opponents say violates the state constitution's requirement for all bills to be single-subject.

Nebraska Sued Over Law Restricting Abortion and Gender-Affirming Care

The suit from Planned Parenthood says the law combines two separate subjects in violation of the state's constitution.

Nebraska GOP Governor Signs Restrictions on Abortion and Trans Care

Lawmakers overcame a filibuster to pass the measure. Civil rights activists are outraged and may sue.

Nebraska Passes Laws Limiting Gender-Affirming Health Care and Abortion

The legislature overcame a filibuster against the legislation led by Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh.

Nebraska Lawmaker With Trans Son Accused of Conflict of Interest

A complaint against Sen. Megan Hunt claims she could benefit financially if an anti-trans bill fails. She says the complaint is nothing but harassment.

Pattie Gonia, Environmentalist Drag Queen, Has an Earth Day Message for You

Pattie has some words of action for you.

Nebraska Lawmakers Take Fight Against Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation Nationwide

Three legislators opposing an anti-trans bill have started a political action committee to support pro-equality candidates around the U.S.

Nebraska Lawmakers Spar Over Anti-Trans Health Care Bill

Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, who had been filibustering to keep the bill from coming up, agreed to let debate begin so she could see who would "legislate hate against children."

LGBTQ+ State Senator Proposes Ban on 'Religious Indoctrination' of Kids

Using language that many Republicans are employing to attack LGBTQ+ communities, the Nebraska Democrat said the proposal is meant to highlight the discriminatory nature of certain bills.

Man Arrested For Making Terroristic Threats Against LGBTQ+ Community

The twice-convicted sex offender allegedly threatened the Nebraska LGBTQ+ community for shunning him.

Student Paper Revived After Being Shut Down Over LGBTQ+ Edition

The issue discussed the history of homophobia and Florida's "don't say gay" law.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Sen. Ben Sasse Is University of Florida's New President

The University of Florida's Board of Trustees approved his presidency unanimously despite a faculty vote of no-confidence.

High School Newspaper Eliminated Following LGBTQ+ Edition

One school board member explained "There were editorials that were essentially, I guess what I would say, LGBTQ."

GOP Lawmaker Retracts Claim Students Were Self-Identifying as Cats

The state senator repeated the rumor during a televised debate before backtracking hours later. 

Suit Challenges Nebraska's Refusal to Recognize Same-Sex Parents

Two women, formerly a couple, are suing because the state wouldn't list both of them on their sons' birth certificates.

History in Nebraska: Lincoln Council Has Three Out Members, Gay Chair

James Michael Bowers is the first out council chair, and Sandra Washington and Tom Beckius provide additional LGBTQ+ representation.