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Queer Music Thrived at Nashville's Love Rising LGBTQ+ Benefit Concert

The star-studded event saw acts like Allison Russell, Maren Morris, Brittany Howard, and more raise over $400,000 for Tennessee LGBTQ+ groups.

Proud Boys Retreat Bloodied From N.Y. AG’s Drag Story Hour in Manhattan

The hate group members yelled and screamed anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric before running away, bruised and bloodied.

21 Artists Performing at Nashville's LGBTQ+ Rights Concert 'Love Rising'

Some of music's biggest acts are taking a stand against anti-trans and anti-drag bills that have recently been signed into law by the state's Republican governor.

This Drag Queen and Teacher Passionately Defends Drag Story Hour

If you’re wondering why men would dress in drag and read to kids, look no further than this story of a Colorado drag queen and educator.

Drag Queen Confronts Anti-LGBTQ+ Protesters Outside D.C. Drag Brunch

The protesters were not expecting a drag queen to challenge them, but she did.

Right-Wing Drag Queen Lady MAGA USA Now a 'Costume Artist'

She’s a drag queen but wants to be identified as a costume artist going forward.

Irish Drag Queen Panti Bliss Makes History on Dancing With the Stars

How the legendary drag performer became an "accidental activist" and continues to break bounderies in queer representation on mainstream TV.

Florida Seeks Hotel Liquor License After ‘Drag Show Christmas’

The hotel has noted that it didn’t even host the show; it just served as a vendor for the event.

Neo-Nazis Chanting ‘Sieg Heil’ Target Drag Queen Story Event

Hundreds of white supremacists converged with Christian groups to protest drag queens reading to children.

Texas Republican Introduces Bounty Hunting Bill Targeting Drag Queens

Taking a page from the anti-abortion fight in Texas, a Republican lawmaker wants to make everyday citizens bounty hunters looking for drag queens.

Facebook Is Loving This Man’s Honest Depiction of Drag Queen Story Hour

The GOP makes it seem like drag queens are performing nightclub shows in front of kids at story hour events when they are actually inspiring children’s love of reading in over-the-top costumes.


RuPaul Condemns Anti-Drag Bills, Says Queens Are Queer World's Marines

On Instagram, the drag star encouraged followers to register to vote and fight back.

HRC Protests Tennessee Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws With Ad, Rally

The Human Rights Campaign is running a full-page ad with Gov. Bill Lee in drag and holding a rally in response to legislation banning gender-affirming care for youth and restricting drag shows.

​Florida Republicans Take Aim at Gender-Affirming Care, Drag Shows​

Florida Republican lawmakers are looking to ban gender-affirming care, stop legal changes of gender on birth certificates, and restrict drag shows.

Kentucky Senator Whose Trans Son Recently Died Blasts New Anti-Drag Bill

Through her grief, the state lawmaker drove home the point that trans lives matter and should not be legislated out of existence.

Tennessee Governor Signs Felony Drag Show Bill, Bans Gender-Affirming Care

The legislation signed by GOP Gov. Bill Lee restricts drag performances and prohibits certain gender-affirming care.

​'Drag Race' Queens Slam Republicans' Anti-Trans, Anti-Drag Legislation​

In the wake of anti-trans legislation being introduced nationwide, stars from the popular drag competition speak out about the right's bigotry.

Tennessee Gov. Supports Anti-Drag Bill But Apparently Once Posed in Drag

The picture appearing to be Bill Lee in drag in 1977 surfaced on Reddit over the weekend.

Kerri Colby Spills on Sasha Colby's Legacy & Kim Petras Making History

The Drag Race alum is hoping the House of Colby can bring the crown home.

Drag Queen Transforms Into George Santos & Kitara Ravache in Viral Video

Meatball put in their best when the performer embodied New York Rep. George Santos and his reported drag alter-ego onstage this weekend.