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New York

DOJ Moves on Gay U.S. Rep. George Santos, Asks FEC to Step Aside

The request indicates that federal prosecutors are investigating whether Santos committed any crimes.

Video: George Santos Appeared at Brandon Straka Event Under Alias

It seems to depend on the day to know what name Rep. George Santos is going by, a resurfaced video making its rounds online shows.

George Santos Claims He Will Resign If 142,000 People Ask Him To

In other words, George Santos wants another election. 

'Clean Up Your House,' Democrats Tell GOP Leadership After Santos Saga

Now that the lying congressman from New York is seated, there's not much that can be done to get him to go if he refuses -- aside from an act of Congress.

McCarthy Wary of Defiant George Santos's Committee Assignments

The New York Republican, who says he's not resigning, may find himself without any significant committee assignments.

BREAKING: New York Republicans Call for George Santos to Resign

Nassau County Republican Committee members said that Santos is unwelcome at their headquarters and must resign.


George Santos Accepted Contributions From Human Trafficker: Report

On top of his already mounting legal troubles, the lying congressman is accused of illegally taking money from Rocco Oppedisano.

Brooklyn Judge Who Made Racist, Homophobic Comments Agrees to Resign

She had a history of disparaging the LGBTQ+ community and expressed bias against people with "Hispanic-sounding names."

Santos's Aide Reportedly Claimed to Be Kevin McCarthy's Chief of Staff

A staffer on the George Santos campaign is accused of impersonating Kevin McCarthy's chief of staff in order to secure donations.

George Santos Appears to Flash White Power Symbol on House Floor

The incoming lawmaker made the gesture as he was voting for Kevin McCarthy in the 10th round of votes for speaker of the House.

George Santos Missing Wedding Ring as He Arrives at Congress

The disgraced congressman-elect hasn't been seen with his husband since his lies were exposed last month.

Gay Former Weatherman Blasts Sexual Predators For Exploiting Him

Erick Adame says that the unwanted attention and continued seeking out of videos of him have left him hurt.

36 Pics of Inhibitions and Shirts Coming Off at Hebro's Jewbilee Party

The biggest party for gay Jews (and those who love them) was as wild as ever.

Federal, Local Prosecutors to Examine George Santos’s Lies

It comes as Republicans and Democrats call for the gay congressman-elect to be held accountable over "embellishing" his biography. 

How Much Will Rep.-Elect George Santos Earn in Congress?

Santos wildly embellished his income, which will reach well into the six-figures if he actually takes office.

George Santos, Gay GOP Congressman-Elect, Admits He Lied to Voters

Santos said he wouldn't resign because he didn't do anything "criminal."


George Santos Hid Marriage to Woman, Says He'll Explain Alleged Lies

The incoming representative has positioned himself as a proud gay Republican and never disclosed his previous marriage. 

Gay Republican George Santos Lied About Grandparents Fleeing Holocaust

George Santos is already facing calls to resign before he's even sworn into office over allegations he's fabricated parts of his biography. 

Gay GOPer George Santos's Gay Dem Opponent: We Suspected a Scam

Santos, who beat gay Democrat Robert Zimmerman in a New York congressional race, has been accused of falsifying his background.