Transgender fire
captain files grievance against chief

A transgender
Tennessee fire captain has filed a grievance against her
supervisors, claiming they subjected her to discrimination
because she previously was a man. Jamie Faucon is
accusing her direct supervisor, Mark Foulkes, along
with Knoxville fire chief Carlos Perez, of taking away
her fire department–provided car, reassigning her,
and taking away her overtime hours because she is

complaint also describes how supervisors still refer to her
using male pronouns, even after her March 2005
gender-reassignment surgery.

proper terminology should be 'she,' 'her,' or
'ma'am,'” Faucon told a Knoxville television
station. ”Not 'he,' 'sir,' or 'his.'”

Knoxville Fire
Department and city of Knoxville representatives did not
respond to media requests for comment. (

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