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Oregon committee
advances domestic-partnership bill to senate

Oregon committee
advances domestic-partnership bill to senate

The Oregon state senate judiciary committee, on a 3-1 vote, approved a bill that would grant domestic partnerships to unmarried couples. The Oregon Family Fairness Act, which would create responsibilities and protections for all Oregon couples and their families, will now move to the full senate for consideration. If approved, it will then go to Gov. Ted Kulongoski.

Aisling Coghlan, interim executive director of the LGBT advocacy group Basic Rights Oregon, said the advancement of the bill showed that this upholds values that are "very much in step with the majority of Oregonians."

"House Bill 2007 will do nothing more, though nothing less, than grant essential rights, responsibilities, and protections that all Oregon families need in times of crisis," Coghlan said in a statement. "Oregonians know the value of being able to protect your family--and this bill directly reflects that long-held belief."

Several people testified before the committee to illustrate the discrimination they have encountered as LGBT citizens in the state. Nancy Frantz-Geddes told the committee about being barred from an emergency room where her son was being treated because "only one mom [was] allowed" into the room.

"I never again want to be denied the right to be with my children, especially in a time of need," Frantz-Geddes said, according to a release. "Our children have two dedicated parents, and making them choose is simply unacceptable." (The Advocate)

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