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Mississippi Senate Ad Mocks Gays

incumbent U.S. senator Roger Wicker has launched an attack
ad skewering challenger Ronnie Musgrove's liberal
supporters, including the Human Rights Campaign. The
problem, however, is that HRC did not endorse or
donate money to Musgrove.

The ad, titled
"Who's Buying Ronnie Musgrove?" shows a group of
people getting out of a limousine to attend a fund-raiser
for Musgrove. The group of liberal lobbyists
-- including Friends of Hillary; the National
Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League; and a gay
cowboy, representing the HRC -- form a line to
hand the Musgrove campaign a wad of cash.

But the
aforementioned political action committees have never sent
money directly to Musgrove, according to the
candidate's Federal Election Commission disclosure
report. And as of Wednesday, neither NARAL, HRC, nor
Friends of Hillary have endorsed Musgrove, whom the blog
Talking Points Memo describes as being a socially
conservative, economically populist Democrat. These
groups, however, did donate to the Democratic
Senatorial Campaign Committee, which then funneled more than
$90,000 to the candidate.

"The DSCC is set
to spend $5.5 million in advertising on behalf of
Ronnie Musgrove for Senate," Wicker spokesman Ryan Annison
told Talking Points Memo on Tuesday. "They know that
if he is elected, he will support their liberal
Democrat leadership."

Wicker was
appointed senator by Mississippi governor Haley Barbour on
December 31, 2007. He filled the seat left open by former
Senate minority whip Trent Lott, who resigned in 2007.
(Michelle Garcia, The Advocate)

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