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Michael Lucas: Why Can Muslims Serve, Not Gays?


Porn star/director/producer Michael Lucas is sure to raise a lot of eyebrows with his latest commentary: On the heels of this week's tragedy at Fort Hood, the opinionated Lucas asks why Muslims are allowed to serve in the military, while gays and lesbians are not.

Below is the beginning of the commentary, which can be found in its entirety here.

Let me preface this by saying this is not written to be politically correct. This is not written to spark controversy. This is written by the power of facts, by the force of reason and for the sake of reality. I am not a journalist; I am not a politician so I don't have to lie. Sometime political correctness becomes a poison.

Thirteen of our country's soldiers were killed by their "comrade." Sons, a daughter, and a mother-to-be had their lives cut short by one of their "own." Now let's please put aside cowardly taboos and call out what has actually occurred. He is a Muslim and he did what Muslims do. Meanwhile, we are doing what we always do when they kill: finding excuses for their actions.

Whenever Muslims commit what to the normal eye looks like a massacre, our media mobilizes panels of psychiatrists, human rights organizers, professors, and officials to "explain" why what happened is not what it looks like. Why the murderers are actually the victims. But we can not let these legions of manipulators brainwash us. We can not let them confuse us. We can not let our own media and government become a mosque that takes control of our minds. Otherwise, we will not be better than Muslims because we will lose our ability to think for ourselves and stop making our own decisions. We should not let them make us feel guilty for recognizing the obvious. We should not allow them to force pity for a murderer, as the murderer did not feel any pity for his victims. We must stay to the facts; the truth and not let the media distract us and take us away from the main point.

As soon as we heard the news of the massacre and subsequently the name of the assailant, we knew it was yet another "son of Allah" killing the innocent. We didn't need the trite excuses that he was "crazed," "lost" or "mistreated." We knew he simply carried out the order of his guide, the Koran. Muslims unleashed this war over thirty years ago against the entire civilized world when they started kidnapping people, slitting their throats, taking over planes, bombing buses, malls and entire neighborhoods.

When a country is wounded, it's people look to their leader for strength and understanding. Our grand president Obama weakly urged, "not to jump to conclusions." Not only have you failed to act accordingly, Mr. Obama, but you have abandoned the safety of your citizens.

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