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Transphobic Taco Bell Ads Still Running

Transphobic Taco Bell Ads Still Running

Taco Bell claims a transphobic spot that had LGBT activists riled up last week has been yanked from the air — but a similar ad is still playing on Los Angeles radio stations as of Sunday, January 24.

Earlier this month BorderHouseBlog.com reported on the radio spot in which a man and a woman are discussing a value-priced 89-cent taco. At the end of the ad, the woman says, “Well, I have a surprise for you. I was born male, my name was Claudio,” to which the man in the ad screams, “Ew.”

GLAAD got involved
, and a spokesperson for Taco Bell quickly issued the following statement. “We sincerely apologize as the ad was not meant to offend anyone and as soon as it was brought to our attention, we immediately stopped airing it.”

An ad airing Sunday morning in Los Angeles on KIIS FM during Ryan Seacrest’s weekly American Top 40 countdown offers a similar punch line.

In this ad, after a fight between the man and the woman, the woman says, “Well, then I don’t feel so guilty telling you ... [I wasn’t born] Martha.” The woman’s voice then changes to a man’s voice, which says, “I’m Marvin.”

A spokesperson for Taco Bell could not be reached over the weekend to comment on the ads still airing. Advocate.com will continue to reach out to Taco Bell for comment. Check back here for updates.

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