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Lohan Lawsuit Im the Only Lindsay


Madonna. Oprah. Lindsay? Already preoccupied with reported attempts to win back ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, actress Lindsay Lohan also spent time recently to lodge a lawsuit against E*Trade Financial over a Super Bowl commercial that she claims referred to her exclusively by using her first name.

The suit, first reported Tuesday by the New York Post, was filed in state supreme court in Nassau County, N.Y. and asks for $100 million in damages and an injunction to prevent the commercial from playing again.

According to Stuart Elliott at The New York Times, the ad that debuted during last month's Super Bowl has appeared subsequently during the Winter Olympics and other programs. It features talking babies, one boy and one girl, using a video camera to chat like adults.

Elliott breaks down the baby talk and Lindsay's complaint:

"He explains he did not call her last night because he was taking care of his portfolio. She asks, suspiciously, 'And that milkaholic Lindsay wasn't over?' The baby boy replies, 'Lindsay?' At that point, a second baby girl enters the frame, in front of the boy, and says, 'Milk-a-what?' In her lawsuit, Ms. Lohan said the second baby girl was modeled after her because the one-word name 'Lindsay' was identified with her."

Watch the commercial below.

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