Source: Verastegui Never Dated Ricky Martin

Source: Verastegui Never Dated Ricky Martin

A source who used to work with model and actor Eduardo Verastegui told The Advocate Thursday the antigay activist has denied reports he and singer Ricky Martin used to date.

On Wednesday, Spanish-language magazine TV y Novelas reported Verastegui and Martin used to date. Verastegui starred in the video for Jennifer Lopez’s hit song “Ain’t It Funny” video and for
playing the male lead in the film Chasing Papi.

also known
for his support in 2008 of John McCain and Prop. 8.

The source told The Advocate Verastegui is a devout Catholic and just returned from the Vatican, where he helped to celebrate Pope Benedict XVI's birthday.

He said Verastegui has called reports he and Martin used to date "lies."

filmed a public service announcement in 2008 urging California voters
to pass Prop. 8 because it “helps families and kids.” He also stumped
for McCain and against women’s reproductive rights.

Watch his Prop. 8 video below.

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