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: Strike Down Prop. 8

: Strike Down Prop. 8


Maryland's largest newspaper published an editorial Saturday that calls for all bans on same-sex marriage to be struck down.

Writing about the U.S. District Court case that will decide if California's antigay Prop. 8 will stand, the newspaper indicated it believed Judge Vaughn Walker should throw out the ban on same-sex marriage, and that the Supreme Court should do the same. The Sun also pointed out the apparent weakness in the arguments made by defendants of the gay marriage ban:

"Robbed of religious arguments, opponents were forced into positions that were ridiculous when taken to their logical conclusion. If marriage is for procreation, why do we let the elderly marry? Why not let lesbians marry, since they can procreate just as easily as heterosexual couples in which the man is infertile?

The claims that a ban on same-sex marriage is somehow for the benefit of society are just window dressing on deep-seated -- and unconstitutional -- prejudice. The time has come to recognize these unions as just as committed as their heterosexual counterparts to the purposes marriage was invented to serve and as equally beneficial to society."

Read the full story here.

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