Dr. Laura Has Black Friend, Gay Friend

Dr. Laura Has Black Friend, Gay Friend

Dr. Laura Schlessinger said she dined with an African-American friend and a gay friend after she announced her retirement from radio, and all agreed that the controversy over her n word rant amounted to censorship.

The Hollywood Reporter
spoke with Schlessinger about the latest controversy and others, including her views on same-sex marriage. The Reporter also asked, “Have you been out in public lately?”

Schlessinger replied, “I went out to dinner with three friends after Larry King. One of my friends who is gay is sitting there with another friend who is black, and he looks up and says, ‘I wonder what the media would do with this? You're with a black guy and a gay guy.’ We laughed, because we all understand what this is really about — censoring a point of view.”

The interview did not identify the two friends who support Schlessinger. She announced on Larry King Live that she would step down from her radio show following her repeated use of the n word last week.

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