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Only Gay Men Look at Kathleen Turner

Only Gay Men Look at Kathleen Turner


One-time sex symbol Kathleen Turner proves she's a good sport by laughing along with a comment that it's only gay men who look at her now that she's aged to the "diva phase" of her career, in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Turner stars in High, a new play in New York described as being about "the sickness of secrets" and the "routes to redemption" and one of the lead characters is a meth-addicted teenage gay hustler. The interviewer, Kevin Sessums, suggests the play be advertised on gay sex sites where it can have an impact on subscribers. Turner reflects on "talk backs" after performances of the play before it opened in New York and and says she heard stories about how meth addiction destroyed lives.

Turner also candidly discusses her sobriety and the alleged anonymity of 12-step programs, which she calls "bullshit." Turners recalls passing people on the sidewalk and hearing them say, "Well, Kathleen Turner is in my group." Asked if she's still sober, Turner is matter-of-fact with her reply. "When I choose to be. I certainly enjoy my wine with meals."

The interview ends on a lighter note, however. Sessums reminds the actress of a comment she made years ago that when she entered a room, the only men who did not look at her had to be either dead or gay. Now that Turner has entered her "diva phase," it's only gay men who look. Turner laughs, high-fives Sessums, and says, "That will be my new quote. I'll get a lot of laughs out of that one."

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