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Seven Shirtless Jocks, Two Are Gay 

Seven Shirtless Jocks, Two Are Gay 

L’HOMO, a special edition of the Dutch women’s magazine Linda, features seven shirtless jocks on the cover talking about gays in sports — the catch is, only two of the men are actually gay.

All of the men featured on the cover support gay athletes coming out, and two of the men — gymnast Jeffrey Wammes (pictured at top below) and race car driver Mike Verschuur (pictured at bottom below) — talk about what it’s like to be out in their field.

For Wammes, this is his official coming-out interview.

“There was already a lot of speculation about whether or not I fell for boys or girls,” he said. “To me it has nothing to do with sport or how I perform. But when I was asked to do this, I made it clear straight away how things were and that’s that.”


Verschuur says coming out has actually helped him in his sport.

“Many fellow drivers — not mentioning any names — told me they were gay too,” he said. “But they dare not say so in public which is a real pity. Because there is nothing to fear. On the contrary, it has only made me stronger. It’s made me a better driver.”

Read about the rest of the athletes and more about the shoot at Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot here.  


Jeffrey Wammes x390 (fair) | ADVOCATE.COM
Mike Verschuur x390 (fair) | ADVOCATE.COM 

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